Normandy Estates understands that each person entrusted to our care is unique in their needs and desires. It is our goal to offer a full spectrum of services that will identify and address those unique requirements while promoting independance and dignity.

Normandy Estates offers a four level service to meet all the needs of your loved ones

  • Level I- 2 Adls Includes Loved One
  • Level 2- 3 Adls Includes Assistanceand Supervision
  • Level 3- 4 Adls Includes Assistance And Supervision
  • Level 4 5 Adls Include Assistance And Supervision

All levels will be in compliance with directives given by the healthcare provider. Volunteers are welcomed and can provide service to our wonderful residents

State Requirements:

Level 2 backround check

all staff and direct care givers must have an eligible status from the agency for health care administration